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What is Machine Learning?

Computers and statisticians both can use data, but the way the process is done is completely different. Statistics is about the use of data to enable humans to conclude patterns and gain insight from the data. On the other hand statistical and mathematical models and methods can be applied to produce...

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Social CRM KPIs – Share of Voice

Posted by Anahita | Posted in Social CRM | Posted on 27-12-2012

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Knowing what is being said about a brand through the social media is essential for organisations’ strategic decision makings as part of the marketing and sales strategies. It will give organisations the ability to monitor the brand, become aware of the customer service issues, and generate new sales leads though applying the suitable marketing campaigns by identifying and targeting the customers correctly as well as helping to enhance the customer experience.

One of the Key Performance Indicator’s (KPIs) is “Share of Voice” or SoV for short. This is to look at the brand’s mention with respect to the competitors’ mentions in Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, message boards, blogs, and review sites. The formula is the “Total Number of Brand’s mention / Total Number of all competitors’ mentions”