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The Strategic BI Framework White Paper

Posted by Anahita | Posted in Agile, Business Intelligence, Project Management | Posted on 23-04-2012

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A new white paper  is just ready for download from http://www.it-performs.com/business-intelligence/whitepapers.

In this white paper, I worked with Glen Westlake, CEO of IT Performs, and Simon Grey, ITP Advantage Business Improvements Expert,  to develop a strategic framework for BI, creating a life cycle from the Strategy, through to Planning and Agile Implementation, feeding back to the BI Roadmap and BI Strategy for measurable actions that result in behaviour change, and ultimately achieving the strategic goals via realising benefits and continuous improvement.

Here is an extraction from the above paper that explains the stages in the BI life cycle:

“BI Strategy: identifying valuable opportunities aligned with your business vision, outlining the business
case to proceed;
BI Planning: creating a high value roadmap of BI Initiatives alongside a Business Change Management
Plan to assure business readiness;
BI Deliveries: providing access to relevant, timely and accurate information driving changes to
behaviour that realises benefits and kick-starts a cycle of continuous improvement.”

Please free free to visit the above link and download a copy. Any feedback on your thoughts are very welcome.


Agile Analytics by Ken Collier

Posted by Anahita | Posted in Agile, Books, Business Intelligence, Project Management | Posted on 30-12-2011

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I am currently reading a book by Ken Collier, called “Agile Analytics, A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing”.

This book is specifically written for Agile BI and Data Warehouse projects and includes a BI project scenario for a factitious company called FlixBuster.

The book has two parts:

Part I is about Agile Management Methods and concentrates on  management of Agile BI projects and teams. This part covers topics such as User Stories for BI Systems and Self-Organising Teams Boost Performance.

Part II is about Agile Technical Methods for delivery of BI systems and how the team can drive business value by producing working BI/BW results often. These will include topics such as Design,  Test Driven Data Warehouse, Version Control and Project Automation.

An excellent and unique book for both BI/DW Project Managers,  Scrum Masters and the technical BI/DW teams such as ETL Professionals, DBAs and Source Data Specialists. Also great for companies who would want to run their own internal BI/DW Agile projects.

I end this brief introduction with a couple of quotes:

“A sweeping presentation of the fundamentals that will empower teams to deliver high-quality, high-value, working business intelligence systems far more quickly and cost effectively than traditional software development methods.” — Ralph Hughes, author of Agile Data Warehousing

“This book captures the fundamental strategies for successful business intelligence/analytics projects for the coming decade. Ken Collier has raised the bar for analytics practitioners—are you up to the challenge?” — Scott Ambler, Chief Methodologist for Agile and Lean, IBM Rational Founder, Agile Data Method