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Big Data and BI

The main and the most important characteristics of big data have been summarised i n the three Vs: Velocity, Volume and Variety. It is data in the volume that increases fast with variety of contexts, some of them not impossible to explore easily in the world of relational databases. Business Intelligence...

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About Anahita

With a background in mathematics, Anahita started her career in IT in 1998.

She has been working as an IT Software Manager, covering the entire Software Development Life Cycle, from Requirement Analysis, to Design, Development, Testing, Installation, Deployment, Configuration, Implementation, User Training and Support/Service Delivery of the complex ERP, CAFM and CMMS systems.

Her speciality is in Data Architecture, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, where she has worked and gained experience as technical architect, business analyst and  agile project manager.

In this site she blogs about Data Architecture, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing,  Data Modelling, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning, amongst other topics.