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Apache Sqoop

Apache Sqoop transfers bulk data between Apache Hadoop and relational datastores. Sqoop is used for importing the data into HDFS, or related similar datastores such as HBase or Hive. It is also used for bulk export of data from HDFS or similar datastores such as Hive and HBase into relational databases...

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Big Data Applications in Online Retail

Posted by Anahita | Posted in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence | Posted on 27-01-2013



This is the first of a series of posts where I simply list some applications of big data analytics in various industries and related business opportunities.

In retail, especially the online retail market, the business growth and profitability has direct connection to customer.

Marketing campaigns are only successful if they can achieve what they intended: get customer attention, sell products and keep the business relationship active.

The data that a customer produces when visiting a retail website is kept in unstructured log files. Every single move, every single click, all basket items added and removed, all saved items, all page visits, all product views are recorded. When there is a marketing campaign, an interaction with the customer such as a video, picture or promotion creates further interaction to change the normal patterns of behaviour, prompting the web site visitor to respond to the campaign. How this change of behaviour is measured is not just about the success or failure of the campaign, but also about how the individual customers responded to it. This can give insight into the effectiveness of the campaign which could be used instructively for future marketing initiatives.

Another application of big data analytics is to adjust and align the marketing activities with the sales goals by targeting the right customers and channels in the right time to convey the right message.

Big Data Analytics provides a new way to look at data that’s huge in volume, not saved in a structured format and subject to unpredictable and constant change!

Big Data Infographic

Posted by Anahita | Posted in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence | Posted on 26-01-2013



Taming Big Data | A Big Data Infographic
Via: Wikibon Big Data